Penetration Testing - Beginner

taught by Shaun James

Course description

In this course you will learn the very basics about becoming a Penetration Testing Professional.

Course Outline
We will be learning the following during the series:

  • Introduction to Cyber Security / Penetration Testing
  • Installing, Configuring and Using Kali Linux 2.0
  • Networking Basics
  • Types of Pentests
  • Phases of Penetration Testing
  • Tools used in the Phases of Penetration Testing
  • Techniques Used for Pentesting (Social, Logical, Etc)
  • Staying Organized (Clutter Free)
  • Reporting
  • Plus More!

Why Enroll in my Courses?

I’ve been lucky enough to help thousands of students learn this specialty trade and go on to live out there
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I’ve set out to do things much differently. I’ve made it my mission to offer an affordable, clear, concise,
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exercises during the time in this course. You WILL Become a HACKER by the end of this course!
Best Part? You learn at YOUR own speed!

Shaun James
Shaun James
Senior Instructor | Penetration Testing Engineer

Founder and sole creator of the popular Youtube Series "NetSecNow", Mr. James has been professionally Pentesting for over 10 years! Striving to create the absolute best Network Security Teaching courses on the web, Mr. James has dedicated himself to providing Easy to Understand, Easy to Follow instructional content that is able to teach even the newest of students, start to finish.

Sign up for courses with Mr. James today, if you are serious about learning the art of Hacking from a Professional.

Course Curriculum

Module 01: Installing Kali Linux 2.0.x
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Module 03: Networking Basics
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Module 04: Types of Pentests
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Module 05: Phases of Penetration Testing
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Module 06: Tools used in Phases of Pentesting
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Module 07: Techniques of Pentesting
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Module 08: Staying Organized
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Module 09: Reporting
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Module 10: Final Review
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